Copywriter Vs Consultant – Deciding What You Need

From the outside, the line between copywriter and marketing consultant can look a little blurry. Copywriters are sometimes asked to give marketing advice to their clients, and part of a marketing consultant’s job is articulating a company’s position and message. And within both industries, some “value-added” professionals operate under both umbrellas. But they are different. [...]

Using Consultants to Develop Your Professional Practice or Small to Mid Size Business

A business and marketing consultant can contribute to the strategic direction of the development of a professional practice. That sounds nice but what exactly does it mean? The role of your business and marketing consultant is not to tell you how to do your job. It is instead to work with you to identify a [...]

Online Consulting Basics

Strategies to good online consulting has changed drastically now compared to the way things used to be, because competition has increased tremendously. In order to create a really great memorable online consulting business you have to work hard to get your name out there for the world to see. You need it to be practically [...]

Don’t Be Stupid, You Can’t Sell Consulting Over The Web!

In professional services, if there’s one thing that stops people investing in online marketing, it’s the idea that you can’t sell consulting services over the web. There’s some truth in this, but also a whole lot wrong with it. So read on if you want to look at this differently and transform your approach to [...]

Why The Use Of An External Consultant Makes Sense

Employment costs are probably the biggest overhead that any organization has to cover. Taking on specialist employees such as Quality Manager, Environmental Manager, Information Security Manager or Internal Auditor are not only hard to find but attract a premium in salary and total package. Something not always available to every business. A number of companies [...]